This morning was a very early start! A few of us got up at 7am for breakfast and headed out in a taxi to get in line at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum where the real body of Ho Chi Minh is perfectly preserved for everyone to see. The queue was massive and full of lots, and lots of Vietnamese school kids who were on day trips. 
While all waiting in line they were always staring at us, waving and saying “hello, hello, hello! Thank you for coming!” Whenever we waved back they became all shy and just giggled to each other. I don’t think they’ve seen westerners very much or at all. 
We had a long and sweaty 50 minute walk back to the hotel we were about to get our bags ready and check out before we realised our flight had been delayed by 5 hours meaning we had afternoon to spend in Hanoi – we decided to go for another amazing Egg Coffee (London hipsters eat your heart out) which is hands down the best coffee ever. I don’t usually like coffee but this has definitely set the bar high!
Our plane, originally due to set off at 4pm left Vietnam at 9pm and we got to Laos just after 10pm. It is absolutely sweltering here. The weather is a cool 30c at night and about 40c during the day. As we venture north tomorrow it will be even warmer. After a few drinks last night and 2 busy days along with a late flight – tonight is going to be a relaxed one with the group. Tomorrow we venture around Vientiene then head north out of civilisation into the jungle and countryside where the fun really begins! 

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